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I’d like to Say Thank you.

I’d like to Say Thank you.

A huge Thank you to so many of you out there.

I’m not going to lie, building Kin and Cloth has not been easy, however that said would I do anything else, Nope!

I absolutely enjoy the work that I do and I know that I often say it, but truly it would not be where it is without you, the customer, who believes in our products and vision and for that reason, I would like to do a giveaway gift to say Thank you. The GIVEAWAY is a collaboration with Young Soles London and it starts on 3rd December 2020 and will run for one week. Head on over to the Instagram page to enter.

In all industries, supporting each other makes the journey a little easier, I super excited to be doing this with Young Soles London and look forward to future collaboration project with them.

It can be challenging when you don’t always fit the usual mould. However, I am to always remember Still I Rise, because of the skill sets I have and a reminder from my mother that no one has my eyes. Translation, no one has my creativity.

The design industry can be very challenging and I always admire the small labels who push forward and customers who show their support through sales and on social media. You stick with those small labels because of the products we provide and there is no hidden agenda.

Kin and Cloth does not follow the trends, and I try to stay focused when designing those added pieces. I’m all about creating products that get used long after the trends have passed. That’s why I try to keep it simple with those clean shapes and no fuss.

Going forward I will be keeping the range tight rather than creating a whole new collection, although the latter is not what I have ever done. I have worked in the design industry for some time now and seen how design teams work, how people can get caught up in the whole fast fashion greed system and how open doors are only offered to some chosen few. That’s why the work that I do with children, I believe in guiding each one to get the best out of every child.

I was trained in traditional tailoring, by amazing tutors, that ground work has always been the foundation I hold too, I then went onto study fashion studies. Now whilst I build Kin and Cloth I see the limits designer-makers face when they do not have the funding or manpower to move forward.

I know that it will change and I’ll be in a better position to do more giveaways to show my thanks.

Stick with me, because we have an amazing journey ahead of us. Are you ready?

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