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Happy New Year and welcome to 2021

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021

How is the New Year, New Decade starting out for you?

Well for me it is continuing with HOPE and RESILIENCE because here I am again shielding

I remember at the start of the lockdown last year, having those conversations with friends, revealing that they probably would not see me until maybe September, possible even next year (2021) and hearing some laugh and then responding with, no way it will be over by then and here we are today in another lockdown. I also remember raising the concerns that if we thought that it was bad then (March – August) wait for when the lockdown eases, that is when greater challenges will come and we need to be prepared.

Last year taught us, the importance of family. However, lessons will come and some may never grasp the teaching laid before us all, to not waste time.

Which leads me on to talk about time, a Time 4 Change, we have all stepped into a new decade and looking back, I was building a foundation, planting seeds and waiting. The year ahead will need to reveal the talk of 2020 being put into action especially in regards to the response of George Floyd, what was once hidden or others chose to stay blind too can no longer be brushed away or denied. I believe 2021 will be the year where we WILL see further changes and where HOPE will continue to rise. The UK is home to many talented people and creativity always grows in a time of challenge.

One of the greater challenges for me was to get images captured whilst trying to stay safe and help came which allowed a number of pieces to be photographed.

Often many small business owners do all the task required to bring to life everything needed for a product, from the design development stage to a photoshoot. Here we are capturing images of our HOPE hoodie, one of our customers favourite pieces and one children enjoy wearing.

Let the next decade be one where we can work together and give opportunities to all, invest in those small businesses in our local areas and collaborate more with design led companies.

Time to start researching who you could begin investing in, get in touch because we would love to do more collaborations this year.

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