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November, get ready for the gifting season.

November, get ready for the gifting season.

How are you all doing out there, no really, how are you?                                                         

It’s Monday and not only the start to a new week but also a new Month.

Hello again November, another month to move forward and navigate around the added changes that we are all asked to follow.

For me the extra challenge is the increasing risk of falling ill because I am in the vulnerable group, however I am mindful that every day we are at risk.

All my life I have had to take precaution to stay well and lead a so called normal life and now running my business, Kin and Cloth can be challenging at times but hey, any success, achievement or vision brought to life with an amazing outcome or end, I am sure all would say who have had to walk that road, “it has not always been easy” but perseverance and resilience is the key for those closed doors being unlocked.

Last month we started adding a few new styles that a small number of customers had the privilege to see before they went online, do sign up to the newsletter not to miss out if you would also like to have first viewing for our fresh new limited pieces, before they are uploaded to the shop page.

Well, let’s talk about November, in the season leading up to the month that we would be preparing to spend time with our family and loved ones, however this year will be very different, the joy of taking the time to plan the right gift will be approached in a very different way, shopping online is even more important now. That is why I am switching all  products online and getting images on little models for you to see.

All the children in our images, parents have kindly taken the time to bring the vision to life and allowed their children to model our pieces. They believe in the label and are very much part of the growth for a small local business. Do feel free to get in touch if you would like your little ones to model for Kin and Cloth. Being in another city, away from my family does not allow me to have models beside me every day to take images, so it is amazing when each and every one of you get in touch to say you can help.

A number of years ago I designed and made a cord dungarees and jumpsuit. In autumn, we see cord reintroduced, I am very particular about the cord I buy, customers love our pieces, not only for shape but for our selection of colours, knowing that each piece will not date and you can pass it on. I am so pleased that Kin and Cloth can offer the added extra touch for you and your children, by given a personal service, if you struggle to find a good fit for a child, some little ones may be tall for their age and because I make and hand embroidery the pieces, there is no need to miss out on enjoying our designs, crafted right here in London and whist the label grows I really want to stay true to this.

Over the coming month you will see our new pieces, some adapted shapes, in carefully selected fabric quality, always keeping in mind you, our customer and the essence of what Kin and Cloth is about, providing luxury pieces with the feel of clean traditional hand craft details. Hope that you are equally excited like me to have our piece in your wardrobe, knowing that you are investing in a local business.

Stay with us, whilst I add these new limited pieces over the next number of weeks.

Get ready!

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