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Who else, wants to see real change

Who else, wants to see real change

Welcome to September,



I missed sending a post in August, it was a very challenging month for me. 


Throughout lockdown I was extremely well, getting on with my work and doing my daily exercise and going out on the roof terrace to get fresh air, all seemed well. Although I was unable to go out and work, I tried to stay focused on the product development.


Anyone who knows me, understands that good health is crucial, once it is taken away, everything is on pause. I agree sometimes we need to stop and reflect, lockdown certainly did this for many of us. Testing us to understand what is really important in life.


August was to be a time, to start interacting again with others, I ventured out to get some test done, so that I would know everything would be well for me to start transitioning from shielding. After leaving my home and walking on the street, something that I had not done since receiving my letter in March to start shielding because of the Sickle Cell Disorder, it was not a feeling I could quite explain, I definitely was not scared, happier to let my feet touch down on ground zero (street level) wear shoes again, a change from wearing my trainers each week day to exercise.


The following days later I saw a change in my health, I began to feel so exhausted, thinking that It could possibly be the Lupus flaring up or something else. I contacted my GP, who sent some medication. After completing the course there was movement again for me. I ventured out days later after resting, early in the morning, keeping a safe distance from others, and again the following day. The feeling of extreme tiredness and weakness overwhelmed me for a second time and my health started to dip.


There are those of you who will completely understand that feeling, when you carry an illness that puts you at a high risk of fighting off any infection, that would pass others by. Knowing this, you are always aware of those around you when it comes to hygiene


For three weeks my body was fighting off something unknown and then in the end after speaking to my GP, I was taking into the Accident and Emergency unit, thankfully it was not Covid19. I was then admitted into hospital. Those days ahead of me, I saw more people in that time I spent in hospital than when I was shielding.


It was a time of stillness again for me, a time to build up strength and hold to the vision for Kin and Cloth. I was powerless, my only call for help was the hospital room buzzer. The buzzer image needs updating, nurses look very different now. My stay in that room, gave me an amazing view of London. Many of the days brought beautiful sunshine, and my body longing to go out and feel that sun on my skin, however it was a time getting to know the challenges that the NHS are faced with, hearing their stories of the Thursday hand clappers who, go against all that we are trying to do, to keep the vulnerable safe and keep the virus from spreading. I felt the pain in their hearts from a government all about self and greed and disregard for NHS workers having a decent wage to survive on. The lives of KEY workers putting in long shifts, travelling often miles to get to work, being priced out of London and earning less than those working in government who have second homes and will never know real hard work of putting in 12-hour shifts, daily, weekly and often for years.


Who are we as a nation, to vote for unworthy people who only lookout for themselves and those who have lives like the so-called elite. A government all about profit and not about truly valuing the lives of all people, they are put in office to serve, but they serve themselves. We are called to stand by our government but how can you do this when their actions show no leadership to help those in need. Let your memories not be short lived when it comes to the next election, however a change may happen before that time comes around.


Let me get back track, lockdown, shielding and being admitted into hospital has set me back. I am building up my strength again and determined even more to move forward. I am hoping to return to the King Cross Canopy market over the next number of weeks, it would be great to see many of you come along to support Kin and Cloth and all the other small businesses trying to get back to the new normal.


The recent news of friends and those close to my family losing loved ones and also the sudden news of Chadwick Boseman, tells us that who knows how long our time will be to share our talents, speak out, plant seeds to make a way for those who will come after us.


My Hope for September, is that my health will stay well and great changes will come for Kin and Cloth, beyond what I could ever imaging. That hearts will change to welcome difference.


I am waiting and watching, for I know there is a shift happening out there.

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